Welcome at Restaurant L'Angolo,

little peace of Italy in the picturesque Cadzand-Dorp, located just behind the sun-kissed coast of Cadzand-Bad.

Our restaurant, named after the Italian word for 'the corner,' peacefully nestles on the edge of the village of Cadzand, surrounded by wide polders and breathtaking nature reserves.

Step inside and let yourself be transported to the heart of Italy. In our cosy restaurant, you'll find the distinctive Italian ambiance, infused with the scents and flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. Our kitchen draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of various regions in Italy and uses only the finest seasonal ingredients combined with local flavors and ingredients.

Discover the essence of traditional Italian cuisine in our lovingly prepared meat and seafood dishes, pastas, and wood-fired pizzas. Each bite brings you closer to the sun-drenched country of Italy.

At L'Angolo, it's not just about great food; we've also curated an extensive selection of Italian wines, aperitifs, and digestifs for you, including a wide range of refined grappas.

So to make things short, Restaurant L'Angolo in the picturesque Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Cadzand is the perfect destination for a delightful evening out, where your taste buds will be pampered with the true flavors of Italy. We look forward to welcoming you!

Ciao, a presto!

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Wines | Taste the passion, enjoy the flavour

Welcome to L'Angolo - where we not only prepare dishes, but where we also bring to life a sophisticated wine experience. Our greatest asset? Our impressive wine cabinet, an essential element next to the fiery wood-fired pizza oven that reflects the soul of our Italian restaurant.

In the cozy setting of our restaurant, our wine cabinet shines like a treasure trove of flavorful discoveries.

From accessible house wines to the powerful complexity of a Barolo and the elegance of a Brunello, our extensive wine list offers a rich variety of wines from various Italian regions and far beyond.

What makes our wine cabinet so unique is the careful selection by our hosts and hostesses. Each bottle is chosen, tasted, and selected through with passion so that we can advise our guests with confidence.

Whether you are a passionate wine lover or just looking for the perfect match for your meal, our dedicated hosts are ready to guide you in choosing a wine that perfectly suits your palate.

Visit our restaurant and let our wine cabinet take you on a journey through the vineyards of Italy and beyond.

Cheers to enjoyment, taste and the art of the good life!

Your next business or private event in the heart of Cadzand-Dorp? That too can be done!

Would you like to organize a meeting, birthday celebration, family gathering, or even a baby shower? You've come to the right place!
We're happy to create a customized proposal to ensure you have a wonderful afternoon or evening. Contact us, and we'll be delighted to discuss the various possibilities.


Do you enjoy Italian delights in the comfort of your own home? Then order for take-away. Our take-away options are also ideal for those who, for example, want to enjoy the beach and a stunning sunset before or after their meal. Pure enjoyment! It’s all about the little treasures in life.

When you call ahead, we'll ensure everything is ready on time.

Call us: +31 117 851 382

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Bella Italia meets the coast of Zeeland!

The world-famous Italian cuisine paired with the finest fish, shellfish, and seafood from Zeeland —what an essential combination!

Immerse yourself in the delightful flavors of Italy with our diverse menu, where there's something delicious for everyone. Enjoy our lovingly prepared dishes and savor the authenticity of traditional Italian cuisine with a hint of local flavor.

We're delighted to surprise you with our meat and seafood dishes, pastas, and irresistible wood-fired pizzas.

Gift card

Celebrate special moments, show your appreciation, or brighten someone's day with a gift card from Restaurant L'Angolo! Don't forget to surprise your loved ones, friends, neighbors, or colleagues with a tasty gift for an unforgettable lunch or dinner at our restaurant. Our gift cards are available in the restaurant; feel free to ask our hosts for more details.

Indulge your senses

A culinary experience at l'Angolo restaurant in Cadzand.

Fancy a fun evening out that will also stimulate your taste buds?
Then l'Angolo restaurant in Cadzand is the right place for you!